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NSB Hbikks


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Date postedSeptember 20, 2011
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NSB Hbikks vogner
Oppdatert 24.09.2011
Det er de vanlige reglene som gjelder:

– Read the instructions, and do what it says, or the files won’t work
– No commercial use
– Do not redistribute the files
– The NSB and Jernbanemuseet Hamar logo belongs to NSB and Jernbanemuseet
Hamar no matter how you twist and
turn it!
– I do not take upon me the responsibility in any kind for the damage
this package can cause the game and / or your computer! In other words,the
installation of the files on is on your OWN RISK
– Accept ALL of it, respect it … or leave it !

Krever / Requires
German Wagon Pack 01 fra RSC