Status update for Rauma railway

The project goes on and I have reached Verma station and Kylling bridge, about 75 km from Dombås station with only 39km left to Åndalsnes. I did make a 3d model of the Kylling bridge that you can see in the pictures under.

I’m sure that you can spot a new train in the main picture, it is a repaint I’m working on based on RSSLO BR 643. The train is a NSB class 93 that is in regular use on Rauma railway. RSSLO BR 643 has bad physics and sounds, so I’m working on the simulation files as well. It seems that AP (Armstrong Powerhouse) has made a sound pack for the DTG Class 175, a DMU that has the same engine as class 93. I will see if I can use those sounds for the class 93 (as an option)